Executive Office Packages

Executive Office Package

"Choose how you work.
Flexible work space from an hour, to a day,
and up to as many years as needed.
Made simple with all-inclusive pricing."


  • Virtual Office and Secretarial Services – Create the right image for your business with a prestigious address and a range of supporting services.
  • Professional Address – Place your business at the best possible location with a credible address and mail handling service. Use of Central Business District (CBD) Address for marketing material and calling cards.
  • Telephone Answering – Get a local number taking calls from you customers, daily, during operation hours. General domestic trunk line number which can be used on the customer calling cards and marketing materials. You will be notified via email about the caller’s details right after the virtual office staff has completed the receiving call.
  • Physical Office and Meeting Room Access to our worldwide network – Get a professional address with a mail handling and telephone answering service, plus access to our global network of drop-in business lounges, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. Enjoy the full virtual office package, with a business address, mail handling, and telephone answering service.


Virtual Office

₱999 ($20) per company/person per month

Business World

₱3,800 ($76) per company/person per month

Business World Package is recommended for entrepreneurs who are looking for a Physical Office Address Service for Company Registration, Mayor’s and Business Permits, Local Government, and business registration purposes.

gold package

₱9,500 ($190) per company/person per month

A ready to use workspace for your business needs. Enjoy the benefits of Combined Virtual Office, Business World Package, and Gold Package features



On demand service features: Access to Amenities, Business Lounges, Meeting, and Conference Rooms

  • Use of Workstation
    • ₱300/hour ($10)
    • Members can use and enjoy all the facilities: reception, secretarial assistance, utilities, private air-conditioned room, Wi-Fi internet speed, Executive Chair and Workspace desk)
  • Use of Meeting Room
    • ₱1,500/hour ($30)
    • Our meeting rooms are ideal for off-site meeting with your client, and supplier or associates. Our rooms have collapsible walls to create one big space which can take up to six (6) persons.
  • Use of Conference Rooms
    • ₱2,500/hour ($50)
    • Our conference room is ideal for trainings and meetings with your client, supplier, or associates. Our rooms have collapsible walls to create one big space which can take up to ten (10) persons. LCD projector is already provided which you can operate anytime it’s needed.

* Price change may vary on location
* Price may vary on season dates
* Subject to advance booking and meeting room availability
* Cancellation charge is equal to the full amount of the meeting room booked.


On Demand Service Features (optional)

  • Virtual and Business World Packages optional On-demand Notification Services
    • ₱300/month ($8)
    • You will be alerted immediately of your messages and mail packages. SMS text messaging only applies where and when it is available. Mobile service provider rules apply.
  • Use of Exclusive Locker
    • ₱550/month ($15)
    • The members can leave their valuable things for storage. Member will provide their own locks.
  • Virtual Assistant: Outgoing Calls and Email Notification Services
    • ₱600/month ($16)
    • Virtual Assistant can relay your message to the client on your behalf and email you a notification after a service is completed.
    • Minimum of 3 calls and notification per month.
    • Price may vary depending on the service rendered based on BBI Serviced Offices fair use policy.
  • Courier Services (Documents Delivery)
    • Handling Fee (₱120) + Messenger (₱180) + Courier Fee (₱180) = ₱480 (within Metro Manila)
    • Price will vary depending on the location.
    • Price may vary on toll fees.
    • Subject to advance booking and messenger availability.
    • Cancellation charges is equal to the full amount of the Courier pickup and Delivery of Documents.
    • Non rebook-able.
    • Booking is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Exclusive for members only.


Business Services (optional)

  • Incorporate a new company in the Philippines
    • Boracay Beach Business Centre can assist both foreigners and locals, to register a new company.For the proposed package, you can contact us via email at [email protected]
  • Professional Web Design Service
    • Taking care of your web needs from web hosting, website designing, and online marketing.For the proposed package, you can contact us via email at [email protected]
  • Sole Proprietor/Partnership Registration for Filipino
    • Starting a new business and preferred to focus on maximizing your talent instead of running around to difference government agencies – outsource your Sole Proprietorship registration to us.For the proposed package, you can contact us via email at [email protected]
  • Accounting and Book Keeping Services
    • Boracay Beach Business Centre Accounting team will ensure your business records are properly recorded and are always in compliance with the government requirements.
      For the proposed package, you can contact us via email at [email protected] inquiries, you can contact us via email at [email protected]
  • Printing Services
    • Boracay Beach Printing and Graphic Services can provide quality services, from calling card laminated design, logos, mug, tumbler, t-shirt, or any company customized company giveaways for your customers, partners, or affiliates.For inquiries, you can contact us via email at [email protected]

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  • One (1) year contract.
  • Applicable for Virtual Office, Business World, and Gold Package.
  • Requires two (2) months deposit, and two (2) months advance payment of subscription fee.
  • Subsequent subscription will be billed monthly through debit card or past dated checks.


  • One month of Package availed, deductible of advance/security deposit.

Terms & Conditions

  • All deposits are non-refundable. Subscription is also non-refundable.
  • Apart from the features mentioned, we also offer other support services, product inquiry handling, concierge services, payment receiving, calendar management, and others. We provide rates for these items as needed.
  • Late payments will incur 3% interest per week.
  • Services can be terminated if the given time-line and grace period has ended.
  • Re-activation of subscription is subject to fees and full payment of existing service used and subscription fees.
  • Client agrees to use the physical address for legal and moral business purposes only. Virtual address cannot be used for any business registration purposes.
  • Boracay Beach shall have the right to refuse or cancel rental for inappropriate or conflicting purposes.
  • Boracay Beach will not be held liable for any accidents, loss, illness, or damage to the persons or property that may arise as a result of business or service rental.

How to activate your Subscription

Step 1


Signup at Boracay Beach Centre, fill-up the registration form so we can send you the packages and the quotation indicated on the presentation. (Request at [email protected]

Step 2


Upon our conduct of personal ‘Due Dul’ over your application, we will require a reservation fee amounting a one (1) month deposit (deductible on advance deposit) of the preferred package and at a timeline of three (3) working days to hold the terms agreed upon. Reservation fee must be paid so we can enable our legal team to send you our standard rental contract for your review.

Step 3

contract signing

Once you have confirmed the payment amount, a Boracay Beach Inc. team member will walk you through the contract signing. Our team will then activate your subscription. Your profile will be added on our lead generation list as well as the setup of your account with all of our vendor partners.

Along with this, these are the required copy of information and documents for submission

  • Business Name or Individual
  • Contract Name
  • Authorized Person
  • One (1) contact number for registration
  • One (1) email address for registration
  • Two (2) copies of valid IDs