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  • A Turnkey Business Opportunity in Travel and Tour
  • Real Estate Company and Business Services


Real Estate


Best Investments for Entrepreneurs and Professionals!

Become a Global Connector

Minimum Investment: ₱150, 000 ($3,000)

Refer and earn. Become a Certified Business Expert.


Investing in new skills and yourself is something that people tend to forget but is very important whether you want to invest in business or not. Learn the Company Products and Services and become Certified Business Partner.


Imagine having an access to resell Products and Services in Travel and Tours, Real Estate and Business Services, get substantial discounts with over 300,000 established Business Partners Worldwide and become a Licensed Member to represent each line of business.


It’s a great and easy way to acquire a passive income. Partnering with Leading Industries that’s already profiting is definitely advisable.


Minimum Investment:

  • Foreign Passport Holders: ₱2,000,000 ($42,000)
  • Filipino Passport Holders: ₱1,500,000 ($35,000)
  • Business is another investment that you shouldn’t’ pass up. It is the best way if you desire to make your money grow.


    Be Your Own Boss. With Php 1.5M, you can build your Travel and Tour Business, Real Estate Company and Business Service Company in All in One Platform. It is a Turnkey Business Package that can operate 24/7 whether its online, home-based, office or anywhere in the world.


    Get the best returns for up to 10% projected income per annum. 


    Minimum Investment: ₱50, 000 ($1,000)

    Investing in stocks allows you to buy shares of companies; you won’t be able to buy under normal circumstances.


    The stock investment gives you the opportunity to buy in companies, like partnering with a group of companies of Boracay Beach Inc., Akamai Holdings Inc., JET Holdings Inc. and its established business partners worldwide.


    Because rates are a lot flexible compared to banks, borrowers can get their best interest rates and will depend on the fluctuation of the economy.


    Investor can profit from a decent amount of interest rate, low at 4% and high at 10%. Have the right to resell its shares if necessary, with a written consent from the management.

    Real Estate

    Minimum Investment: ₱3, 500, 000 ($70,000)

    For those who would like to own beach town homes, beach homes, villa suites, and condominium suites; through financing options, payment terms or cash deposit, we customize and provide property options with the best price available in Asia for retirement and citizenship in partnership with Philippine Retirement Authority.


    Real Estate is a solid investment and Investor/Buyer must consider it as Golden Opportunity.


    Minimum Investment: ₱5, 000, 000 ($100,000)

    Sustainable, Community, Resort Condo Hotel Developments.


    This is mainly the most well-known type of Investment which Investor can earn over 10% interest rate from their Investment.


    Real Estate Development Market is the the largest, most liquid market in the world if you want to grow your investments.

    Standard Process

    1. Business Development/Sales conduct due to diligence on inquiries, potential investor/client in a particular area or country.
    2. Business Development/Sales will present a standard term sheet to the potential investor/client, negotiates and thereafter, signs the final terms sheet with prior approval by BBI.
    3. Submit the signed term sheet to legal, finance and tech team for them to conduct 2nd tier due diligence accordingly.
    4. Legal team will draft the definitive agreement for the potential investor/client.
    5. Signing of the definitive agreement for the potential investor/client.
    6. Contract implementation.

    Standard Product Terms

    1. Investor/Client must submit General Information sheet provided by BBI Management.
    2. Investor/Client must have a proof of funds or assets for the purchase to be eligible. This shall be approved by BBI’s Management.
    3. BBI shall supply the products. The product amount varies depending on the country/region.
    4. Investor/Client and BBI shall shall agree on the share of profit and revenue.
    5. Turnover depends on the amount of product purchased by the Investor/Client.

    General Terms

    1. Investor/Client can raise his investment and other terms and conditions can be discuss mutually.
    2. Investor/Client can have option to do joint venture or product purchase.
    3. Investor/Client must show proof of funds or collateral, reservation and submit General Information Sheet provided by BBI.
    4. Investor/Client must comply on product price to be implemented by BBI.
    5. Investor/Client must comply on BBI standard operating procedure terms and price and shall be agreed by the Parties.
    6. BBI will provide additional services depending on client’s preference. Services as follows:
      • Tourism and Travel services
      • Branding License
      • Property Design Management
      • Virtual/co-Working Office Package
      • Medical Services (outpatient)
      • Sales and Marketing

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