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3rd Floor Builders Center Building

170 Salcedo St. Legazpi Village

Makati City 1229, Metro Manila, Philippines



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Mobile: +63. 9054531276; +63.9216403788

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Business Services


We set- up businesses by supplying tools to help them grow. We provide Business Registration, permits and taxes, legal, accounting, entertainment, talent management, Productions, medical, information technologies and website Development products. We produce and build businesses to create more jobs and make a difference to others.


Our Business Products

Boracay Beach Inc. provides marketing and sales campaigns for international and local clients. We expand your company’s success with custom marketing strategies to achieve your goals and sales forecast. Boracay Beach Inc. marketing methodologies thinking out of the box can provide solutions to maximize your budget, capture your target audience, generate more revenues and achieve your company mission for success. Boracay Beach Inc. provides a team with experience in multiple facets of industries that can provide vital information and assets to save your company time, money, and resources with key partners, suppliers, logistics, security and government officials in the highest level.


Business Products We Provide

  1. DTI, Partnership or SEC Business Registration
  2. Business, Local Government and Mayor's Permits and Tax Filing
  3. Event Planning
  4. Talent Casting ( Models & Artists )
  5. Video & Film Production
  6. Website Development and Hosting Services
  7. Legal Firms Services
  8. Dental Services
  9. Medical Services