General Terms

Real Estate

Standard Process

  1. Sales team conducts due diligence on inquiries from investors  and or buyers.
  2. Business Development/ Sales team presents standard term sheet to investors and or buyers  to finalize price and terms to purchase or invest in units.
  3. Submit the signed term sheet to legal and finance  department  to conduct 2nd tier due diligence on client  financing approval.
  4. All investors to submit draft  contract/term sheet to Akamai legal and finance department.
  5. Signing of the definitive agreement with  investor/client.
  6. Contract Implementation.

Standard Product Terms

  1. Investor/ Client must submit General Information sheet.
  2. Investor/Client  to show proof of funds ,  bank approval  or avail of Akamai in house financing to be eligible for purchase.
  3. BBI shall provide  marketing materials, term sheet and sales agreement for investors  and buyers.
  4. Turnover timeline  for  private Villas  3rd quarter 2019 and Condo suites 4th quarter 2021 or sooner.